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World Class Data Centers

Our world-class data centers are protected 24×7, 365 days a year, including state-of-the-art security and onsite technicians.
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2x Backup

A local copy and a cloud copy to ensure every option is available to you to quickly backu and restore data whenever it’s needed.
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Military Grade Security

Same encryption standards used by military and banks. Data is encrypted the moment the file is selected, through transit and within the data centre.
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Flexible Schedule

Schedule backups to run daily, weekly, monthly and even continously throughout the day. Whatever your data vitality needs are.
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Backup & Sync

Need to work on something away from office? Save it to sync folder and you can get the job done anywhere.
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Easy Restoration

Easily restore your files via a client software to it’s original location or any other device, folders. All within your control
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Multi User

Provide authorized user access to various members of your organization to manage backup, synchronize and restore data
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iLearn Cloud Backup customer Paul easily recovered his data when his Mac disappeared after a flight. But that’s not the real story. He combined his own ingenuity and relentless detective work with the reliability of the iLearn Cloud Backup solution, and tracked down the thieves who helped themselves to his computer.

Sinu IT, an iLearn Cloud Backup Reseller, relies on iLearn Cloud Backup to take their customers’ cloud backup from at-risk to protected quickly. “iLearn Cloud Backup has been incredibly disruptive in bringing a very robust solution to the marketplace at a very affordable cost,” says Sinu’s Theresa Marie.

A few years ago we had a break-in,” says Daniel Koo, an agent at Advance Insurance. “They took a computer that had some important data on it. We finally got to put iLearn Cloud Backup to the test to see if all of our data would be recovered. We got an external hard drive sent overnight to us. Plugged it in, verified the folders and files were exactly like we were backing up and that was it.